The Roles and Responsibilites of the Women's Ministry Team
The ultimate goal of the Women's Ministry team here at CFC is to encourage, uplift, and serve our church body in a variety of ways. Our vision, is that all people at CFC would feel welcomed and would feel the love of Christ through the members of our team. We are responsible and feel it a distinct privelege to participate in serving meals for church events, for new mothers, and for those in our congregation going through a difficult time. Women's Events are also of high value and importance. Not because we need an excuse to have a party or because events are required of us, but because we believe in the importance of fellowshipping with one another and arming together as a group of Godly women. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact the church office at (540) 943-5064 or cfcnaz.net. WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU!

"A Healthier You" Nights


These nights full of fellowship, faith, fun, and food have been inspired by the devotional
"A Healthier You" by Katie Farrell.  The goal of these nights is to look at ways that we can find balance within the 4 wheels of health emotional, physical, relational and spiritual. Each night will feature a women's testimony regarding her journey with the wheels of health, different stations (for example, smoothies, massage, essential oils, holy yoga, eat this, not that, simple exercises), a buffet of healthy treats provided by those in attendence, special giveaways, and a devotional. These nights are to encourage, inspire, and to set aside time for us to grow in relationship with one another. Staying in balance is difficult, and as women, we need the support and encouragment of one another. God is doing amazing work through these nights and many women are making changes in their lives to better themselves spiritually, physically, relationally, and emotionally.
"Spiritual health is the foundation for a healthy body. When I began to strengthen my relationship with Jesus, it was then that I was able to improve my physical health and find balance." Katie

Devout Workout 

Taking a break this summer! STARTING BACK THIS FALL! 


August 25 is the kick-off to MOVEmeant FUN's weekly DEVOUT WORKOUT class for women that will occur ongoing every Thursday evening from 6-7pm! You participate in whatever Thursday workouts that you choose... some or all Thursdays, at $5 per class.

The DEVOUT WORKOUT is a fun, intentional workout using UPLIFTING, INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC, including CHRISTIAN songs!!!!
This 60-minute class is for WOMEN of the Waynesboro, VA community and surrounding region!

The class will include participants of varying levels of fitness and group exercise experience, so you decide the level of impact, intensity, and pace that is appropriate for you!!!! From beginners to advanced, you can do it!!!!

This rhythmic workout will include:
>> warm-up,
>> cardiovascular conditioning (wide variety of moves, from dance moves to athletic moves, to rhythmic activities you've probably never experienced in group exercise before!),
>> muscular strength/endurance conditioning (body weight exercises), and
>> cool-down (including flexibility stretches, and stillness).